Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Marketing = Research. Promotion = Communication

Marketing, promotion & advertising are similar terms that are used often and because of this, they are often misused - generally one being used in place of another. It's important to know the difference because when we know how they are different, we can then effectively use them. An example of not knowing the difference can lead to problems, such as executing promotion when the marketing is incomplete.

Marketing & Promotion For Coca-Cola

When coke moved from a health tonic in the 1880's to a recreational drink, the marketing for coke was done. Coca-Cola had the product developed and knew why someone would buy one ( coke's 'Job To Be Done' ) and that people liked it. After that it was all about promotion, Coca-Cola now had to convince people that coke would scratch their itch.

Even though the manner which coke is promoted has changed over the years - the market has not. People who buy coke today are buying it for the same reasons it was bought nearly 100 years ago: it's a refreshing, sugary beverage that gives you some 'zip'.

Successful Promotion Relies On Completed Marketing

Coca-Cola was promoted as a health tonic because the marketing was incomplete. There was an assumption that many people were interested in buying health tonics, but this wasn't the case. Lucky, the inventors continued to complete their marketing and in doing so, found out that lots of people wanted a refreshing, recreational beverage. This insight lead them to the successful promotional slogan: "The Pause That Refreshes".